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A well told story immediately transports you into it…

…and storytelling is exactly what drew me into this career in the first place. What started as a way to make money while building a freelance career changed dramatically when I realized how much I loved capturing couples stories. After seeing time and time again how much of a couples’ story is played out on their wedding day, I became obsessed with telling their stories in the most honest and beautiful ways I could. It became a priority for me to allow every couple I worked with to be able to truly relive the day when watching their film. I even made it a priority when I married my wife, Jamie, that the film had to tell the story of us and our day in a way that would bring us right back into it every time we watched it.

After 4 years and over 75 weddings filmed, I’m still just as excited about each new wedding I have the opportunity to capture. Every weekend it’s a new story being told, and I’m more than thankful to be a part of it. I’d love the chance to capture your day as well, so shoot me a message at our contact page, and let’s chat!